About Us

PSY·CU·SIX /ˈsaɪ-kə-sɪks/ 
International performance ventures have allowed Psycusix opportunities to dance and learn with many inspiring flow practitioners. Invitations to Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Maldives, Korea, Taiwan, UAE, US and the UK have accommodated Psycusix to master flow and performance skills that have never before been seen in Malaysia. When Psycusix passes beyond the realm of bravery of controlling balls of fire, passion meets flow.”


Talented and passionate modern circus artists from Malaysia, have come together with a vision. We aspire to inspire the audience to discover a light of their souls. Be different!

Fauzan Nazar

Sales & Marketing Manager


Sales & Marketing Executive

Wan Faiz

Sales & Marketing Assistant

Chloe Tan

Administration Assistant

Sharm Noh



Costume Manager

Ariff Effendi

Logistics Manager

Sandy Arief A.

UI/UX Designer

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