About Us

PSY·CU·SIX /ˈsaɪ-kə-sɪks/ 
International performance ventures have allowed Psycusix opportunities to dance and learn with many inspiring flow practitioners. Invitations to Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Maldives, Korea, Taiwan, UAE, US and the UK have accommodated Psycusix to master flow and performance skills that have never before been seen in Malaysia. When Psycusix passes beyond the realm of bravery of controlling balls of fire, passion meets flow.”


Talented and passionate modern circus artists from Malaysia, have come together with a vision. We aspire to inspire the audience to discover a light of their souls. Be different!

Aifique Khaikal


Razman Noor


Azzahir Azmi

General Manager

Izzat Farhan



Project Manager

Azlan Jay

Human Resource

Wan Faiz

Content Creator

Dickson Chang

Ast. Project Manager

Abdul Wahab


Luqmanul Hakim

Assistant Choreographer

Mohd Sezaly

Dance Captain

Hairi Ahmad

Visual Programmer

Afiq Abdul

Props Builder

Nadia Roslan

Admin Assistant

Jenny Law

Wardrobe Manager

Adib Luqman

Wardrobe Assistant
  • “When Passion Meets Flow”

  • To be a platform for artists and performers to excel not only on stage but also in life.

  • Psycusix’s mission is to ensure the art of modern circus becomes prominent in Malaysia. By creating job opportunities, Psycusix will make this artform a healthy lifestyle for all layers in society.

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